Welcome to Ohh! Lashes Shop, our sister store to Ohh! Lashes where our mission is to provide you with the highest quality products to aid you in changing the face of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. OLS provides you with the highest quality of industry standard eyelash extensions, adhesives, removers, application tools and more at competitive wholesale prices.

Ohh! LASHES Shop provides professional lash artists with high quality products at great prices while providing a high quality of customer service.  


Owner Tamara Lake-Mair is from Kingston, Jamaica by way of London, England, Tamara studied fashion at Miami’s International Fine Arts College. While styling music videos, fashion shoots and working for acclaimed makeup artist Jamie Melbourne, Tamara found herself applying make-up for her bridal friends. Demand for a make-up artist, lash extensions, and making the client the star created a stunning menagerie of devotees.  Tamara is a Nova Lash Advanced Certified Lash Extensionist and Celebrity Lash Artist catering to Miami’s most affluent, most beautiful crowd including celebrities and professional athletes wives.